For better Sex and more Fun!

For better Sex and more Fun!

 relationship improvement set
Online games, tips and a double deck playing cards set to increase your and your partners pleasure, as well as for fun.

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Love, Respect, Trust

Relationship improvement, double deck playing cards set

Vladimir Gošnjić

"Enigmo" s.p.
Slovenia, Maribor

Product name

"Tell me your... / Reci mi svoje..."

Product category

Health; Personal use; Games; Entertainment

Copyright - ISBN

The Copyright Agency of Slovenia (AAS) has registered and stored it as a "psychological tool - sex cards:" Tell me your ... ""

The National and University Library (NUK, Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica) has categorized it as "images", "teaching kit",
Classified as:
613.88: "Sex education"
176: "Sexual ethics. Sexual morality"

CIP - Kataložni zapis o publikaciji
         Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica, Ljubljana
         GOŠNJIĆ, Vladimir
         Reci mi --- [Slikovno gradivo] = Tell me your --- / Vladimir Gošnjić. - 1. izd. Maribor : Enigmo, 2014
         ISBN 978-961-93131-0-7

At the moment it is available in three language combinations:

ISBN 978-961-93131-0-7 Slovenian/English
ISBN 978-961-93131-2-1 German/English
ISBN 978-961-93131-1-4 English/Spanish


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Country of origin


Detailed product description

Title - product name:"Tell me your..." - relationship improvement, double deck playing cards set to increase your and your partners pleasure

Slogan: "For Better Sex and More Fun"

Description: In intimate communication, one participant often has an active role and they are sure that they know exactly what their partner's wishes are. Meanwhile, passive participants do not know how to express their desires to their partners. This possible misunderstanding when it comes to particular activities could be a source of constant trouble. Most sex games and accessories are based on surprise and the adoption of passive tasks, which only exacerbate these differences.
We want to change the usual approach of sexual games from passive tasks to the active creation of partner satisfaction and self-satisfaction.
The cards and online games we offer have been created to improve sex and fun, and consequently raise the quality of your and your partner's life. A significant part is also to involve new things and fantasies, as well as to offer pre-prepared scenarios. Satisfy your partner, satisfy yourself!

978-961-93131-0-7 Slovenian / English language combination
613.88: "Sex education"
176: "Sexual ethics. Sexual morality"

Supporting website:
Supporting twitter account: @TellMeYourOrg
Other social media has not been fully established yet

Product features:
1.) Game: "Enjoy"
     - Uses: bottom side of the table/box, cards, additional objects
     - Core of the set
     - Designed to:
         - improve intimate relationships
         - improve communication between partners
         - use an easy, non-verbal way to:
             - show likes and dislikes
             - create desired scenarios
             - encourage communication,
             - sets unwanted and banned scenarios
         - bilingual - what if do not talk the same language at all?

     - How to play:
         - Set up the appropriate place - Go through all the scenarios, both the ones you want and don't want - Set up the scenario using the cards or write it down - Check the text by the arrows on your side of the table and put the scenario in an appropriate place - Prepare and set up the rest of the scenarios - Show them to your partner - Get involved and enjoy - Let the game play itself out
More: Help - Instructions
     - Target audience:
         - sexually active people willing to try something new and interesting

2.) Game: "Let the card choose"
     - Uses: top side of the table/box, cards, additional objects
     - Designed to:
         - add fun and spice up an intimate relationship
         - randomly create scenarios
         - create a good atmosphere and possibly create an introduction to a sex game or foreplay
- for two one or more players
     - easily adjust the level of the game by adding and removing particular cards
     - How to play:
         - Set up the appropriate place - Choose a level: "Dressed", "Soft", "Harder" - Define the boundaries - Create a couple of scenarios - Set up the cards - Choose the player - Take a task card and follow the instructions - Continue the game - We wish you more fun and better sex!
more: Help - Instructions
     - Target audience:
         - sexually active people willing to try something new and interesting, for parties, couples...

3.) 2 decks of cards
     - Poker size, 2x (52 cards + 2 jokers)
     - For playing any standard card game
     - Target audience:
         - recreational card players interesting in "what if"

4.) 2 teasing cards
- Good way to start with your (or possible future) partner

Additional features:
- Not limited to race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation
- Quality: middle to higher
- Playing board is also the card packaging
- There are no explicit pictures or drawings
- Handy – always nearby and ready
- Bilingual can be used even if partners don't share a common language
- Interesting gift
- Pocketsize, compact, can be carried easily

Product advantages and benefits

For the customer:
A compact, pocket sized, portable set for every occasion: to play a card game, to make card games more interesting, to have fun at parties, to seduce and be seduced, to imagine, to explore your partner’s desires, to get new ideas and refresh old ones, to enjoy in your partner, to be happy and satisfied!

In the form of advertisement materials:
- Why & How:
To spice up your sex life, explore new pleasures, refresh your relationship and improve intimate communication.
To think about, combine cards, explore, surprise yourself, surprise your partner, try, enjoy!
Show them the green (Yes, I am in the mood) or the red side of the box...
Or put a single particular card on the fridge...
Not to be embarrassed to ask or to be asked.
To spice up any card game and to tickle the imagination.
Make any party more interesting with "dressed" (or the “less dressed”) version
Enjoy someone's company when travelling or on vacation and guide each other even if you don't speak the same language.
As a present to someone you wish the best...
- Guidelines:
Love, Respect and Trust; hygiene and protection; No means No; don't take yourself too seriously – have fun
- What you get:
Boards for games when you unfold the case:
    - For better Sex, the game: "Enjoy" on bottom side of the board/case. Made to improve/refresh your relationship.
    - For more Fun, the game: "Let the card choose" on the top side of the board/case. Made to add excitement to your games and have more fun at parties.
2 decks x 52 cards (KQ...2A) + 2 jokers = 108 standard poker sized cards
Types: Scenario, Spice, Time, Partner, Action, Body parts
Levels: “dressed”, “soft” and "harder"
Paper cards, easy to write on and adjust to your own and your partner's desires
Bilingual: English/Spanish (other language available)

Mutual advantages and benefits for your and our company:
    - This product is protected by international copyright law as a book.
    - There are several suppliers with complete automated production and packing card decks, price can be additional lowered depending on quantity ordered.
    - For those already interested in sex products, buying one product leads to buying another.
    - This product can create the desire to purchase additional, identical or extension products
    - The user is encouraged to write on the cards – leads to new purchases.
    - An additional book with compatible contents is in preparation: see #ThrillingTips at: @TellMeYourOrg

Price comparison with competitive products

Price of the product is placed above the simple erotic games and in the middle of the board games with similar characteristics.

Based on provided information, available data and preview of available games, set "Tell me your..." has more features than any competitive products.

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- name of the game - click on link for more details and a game description
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Product target audience

The product is not limited to gender, ethnicity, race and sexual orientation.
Intended for the sexually active period of life. It should be labeled for adults.
Income: average salary.
Educational structure: middle to upper.
For target audience per feature, look at the section "Detailed product description"

What does the offer contain (product configuration)

The "Tell me your..." set consists of:
a table/box
two decks of cards, plastic-wrapped 2x (52+two jokers)
two additional "tease" cards
elastic band

Retail box

Unpacked, top side

Unpacked, bottom side


Games on both side
ISBN, CIP, Colophon
Instructions on both sides and both languages
Text: For adults, 18+

Cards decks

2 x 52 cards+ 2 x joker = 108 cards
Card size: 88mm x 63mm (2.5 x 3.5 inches)
Material: paper

Additional cards

- Two additional "teasing" cards prepared for diagonal folding

Elastic band

- Used to bind the box after unpacking

Expected product retail price

Expected purchase price

Exclusive rights

Unexclusive rights

Any additional question

Please contact us:

+386 31 876 477

Get more pleasure! - Game "Enjoy" - Improve your intimate relationship:: Spice it up! - Game "Card choose" - Add excitement to your games and have more fun at parties::
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Spread them all over the bed! - Double deck cards set in your pocket for "Just in case" - Order or print it yourself::
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We wish you unforgettable pleasure and fulfillment!

Love, Respect and Trust!

are the basics for any relationship. More love, respect and trust are our wish for the world.

Mutual understanding and agreement, as well as hygiene and protection

are the basics for any intimate relationships. More love, respect and trust are our wish for the world.

Your opinion is very important to us

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Copyright information

Printed material, site and the online games are copyrighted. Any modifications are strictly forbidden. All contents here are intended for personal use, for fun and satisfaction. For distribution, retailing and wholesaling, marketing and other b2b options, please contact us.


If you are interested in advertising on our pages, distribution, retailing and wholesaling, marketing and other b2b options or have another b2b idea, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Enigmo & Crosswords-Cat Team

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"Enigmo" Prusnikova ulica 34, 2000 Maribor R.Slovenia

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#ThrillingTip:  Kiss softly your partner's neck from bottom to top, and continue around...
Take pleasure in your partner, give and receive - Switch up the roles - Get new ideas or freshen up old ones
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