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How to satisfy your partner - discover and try. Ideas - how to improve sex and your relationship! Give and please your love!
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intimate relationships development tool

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"The card chooses!"
foreplay/role-play/party game

"Enjoy!" - discover and satisfy your partner's and your desires

intimate relationships development tool
Think about an intimate scenario you could be involved in. It depends on whether you like it, or don't like it, or like to try it, choose a place to try it. Make a scenario from an body-part, action, eventually a spice card and put in a chosen place. Show it to your partner. Surprise your partner. Surprise yourself. Look at it from your partner's side. See her/his desires she/he shows to you. Be brave but reasonable. Experiment. Try it once - if you don't like it, stop the action and put that combination among those forbidden next time. Satisfy yourself. Satisfy your partner.   

As a communication tool, it gives each of you an opportunity to express yourselves, without using many words:
- what you prefer and what you don't
- what and how would you like to try
- what do you don't want at all
In intimate communication, one participant often has an active role and she/he is sure that they know exactly what their partner's wishes are. In the meantime, passive participants don't know how to express their desires to their partners. This possible misunderstanding in particular activities could be a source of constant trouble. Most sex add-ons are based on surprise and the adoption of passive tasks, which only exacerbate the differences.
We are changing the usual method of sexual games from passive tasks to the active creation of partner satisfaction and self-satisfaction.
The cards and online games we offer are created to improve sex and fun, and consequently raise the quality of your and your partner's life. A significant part is also to involve news and fantasy, as well as to offer pre-prepared scenarios.Satisfy your partner, satisfy yourself!
The goal is to develop relationships and fantasy.
We will be more than happy to help, at last a little for your satisfaction.

Play:   "Enjoy!"  - intimate relationships development tool

"The card chooses!" How to bring your partner into the cave?

foreplay/role-play/party game

Spice-up your party. Use the web game or our cards. Choose level: dressed, light or not so light. Make a couple of scenarios. Define the boundaries. And let's start the game! You can easily exclude cards for a part of the body and activities you do not want to see in the game. You can get them back if the game became hot!

This game is created for fun and as foreplay and a game for seduction. It could be played by couples, individuals and groups.
No matter if you use it as a game for a couple (or "couple to be") or as a party game, some things should be considered:
- mutual understanding required
- boundaries should be told at the start of the game, everyone involved should agree
- everyone has the right to skip round(s) without explanation
- if someone says No - it means NO

Play:   "The card chooses!"  - foreplay/role-play/party game

For better Sex and more Fun!

 relationship improvement set
Online games, tips and a double deck playing cards set to increase your and your partners pleasure, as well as for fun.

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We wish you unforgettable pleasure and fulfillment!

Love, Respect and Trust!

are the basics for any relationship. More love, respect and trust are our wish for the world.

Mutual understanding and agreement, as well as hygiene and protection

are the basics for any intimate relationships. More love, respect and trust are our wish for the world.

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